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Jewwej in seinem Atelier in Lat Phrao - Bangkok

One thin sheet of paper has many functions on this world. Many people bring it to write emotions and/or feelings. Many people bring it to wrap up the present, so that no one else can see the things that were inside. Many people brought it into the "art" work. I was one of those people, who brought the paper to create, draw, fold, cut, paste and paint deeply in conjunction with my privacy in reading books habit.

Every time I touch the paper, flip the pages of the books, the smell of the ink in the paper usually touches my feeling. It is considered as another happiness of my life. And also seeing colored paper placed in different layers in the stationery shop is also considered as my favorite time.

Getting back into my working field, the paper art by crafting the shape of an animal through the process of drawing, folding, cutting, pasting and painting a whale, a moth, a rabbit, a bird, or even a person's own shape, it is quite similar to rejuvenation a new breath for those creatures.

Bringing these creatures up to the space filled with so many stars is the method to combine the main 2 different things “the paper” which is thin, no dimension and “the space” which is huge, unlimited scale into same piece of art. The result is the art with full with more interesting and more charming (at least in my feeling).
Finally, with the most important thing in the work of "paper art", it is meant to collect the thin paper as long as possible through one shape, one story, one impression piece of art through one impression of the life of a person who accidentally saw this piece of art and accidentally got that piece of work back home.

In every morning, after falling asleep to the immense space dreaming of many different creatures, the impression still exists same as the beautiful sheet of paper hanging on the wall. It is not only me who love them.

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